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Planted by Khmer

Naming I Branding I Art Direction I Communication Strategy I Food Design 2020

Agency: Melon Rouge Agency

ClientSNV and USAID supported by the Ministry of Agriculture

We create a Facebook campaign as a movement to support Khmer fruits and vegetables.

Celebrate the National Planted by Khmer Day 2020 event produced various types of merchandise as the campaign souvenir and give away to the audience.


The message and tone of voice of our communication campaign was varied across the different categories  through the use of different kinds of taglines, photography, fonts, and graphic elements.


Moving from a more premium tone of voice to convey attributes such as unicity and pride to a more friendly tone of voice to convey a larger audience to our movement and the event. All the visuals should remain appealing and playful because our communication is focusing only on social media.

Through 3 categories:

LIFESTYLE: To educate and encourage people to buy more Khmer vegetables and fruits, we used pride and health benefits as a trigger and created our message to introduce Khmer vegetable consumption. 


FARMERS: Highlight good farming practices and motivate people to buy more Khmer vegetables and fruits through farmer’s words of encouragement.


SUPPORTERS: In this category, we gave status to the supporters who joined the movement and inform consumers where to buy Khmer vegetables and fruits.

The PBK Event

In addition to the social media campaign, we organized the National Day of “planted by Khmer”, a day where every Cambodian celebrates and buys local vegetables and fruits.


The goal of the national day was to bring together a community of farmers, consumers, and sellers to support Khmer fruits and vegetables.


15.8K Total Page Likes

5.2M Total Reached

436.4K Total Engagement


In addition, we collaborated with one of our supporters, MALIS Restaurant, and created a Planted by Khmer promotional video, featuring a chef. The purpose of this collaboration is to remind the audience about the movement and push more awareness of the campaign to new audiences

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