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I am Juanita Delvasto, a designer passionate about food and the experiences generated by it. Food is a universal language that for me is a working tool, and has become my inspiration. The world of food is so diverse, flexible, and innovative that it is always possible to express so many things, in so many different ways. It awakes the senses and connects people around the world.


I completed a Master's Degree in "Food Design and Innovation" in Milan, Italy, and moved to Madrid, Spain. This is a city that never sleeps, with incredible neighborhoods and an impressive offer of food and drink that no one can resist. Traveling and living in different cities and continents has been a great adventure in many ways, since I have learned a lot about the people, the culture and the cuisine. I currently live in Cambodia, a place far from home. But a place where my perspective completely changed as a person and as a designer, because it has allowed me to vary my projects. Doing branding in addition to communication campaigns to raise awareness and generate behavior changes.


In this portfolio, you will see stories and concepts through different lenses of "Food Design,” where brands play a role in designing experiences, products, and services to generate awareness and impact consumer behavior. I truly believe that small changes are the first step to great transformation!

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Art Direction • Communication • Branding • Service Design • Service Experience • Food Styling • Strategy • Restoration

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