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World Crust

Concept restaurant. 2017

Main Statement:

A Multicultural flatbread kitchen where low income, minority or immigrant women make cultural interpretations of their country’s flatbreads, where customers can experience their stories.


An Experience that is:

Multicultural & Transcultural

  • Manifested in the Staff, their story and the Flatbreads (demonstrated through the gallery)

  • Located in an up and coming and diverse neighborhood in NYC targeted at people with a Global mindset

Shared & Interconnected

  • One long continuous “ribbon” table that represents the connection between customer, staff, and gallery

  • Flatbreads are cut as peace signs, encouraging sharing of the smaller pieces


  • Real recipes and approachable staff representing their home countries

  • Materials and lighting that reflect the warmth of the people and food

  • Hearth oven as focal point of space and food

Empowering for Women

  • Staff are all skilled low-income, minority or immigrant women

  • They get to train each other and build on each other’s skills


Workshop: Master in Food Design and Innovation • Scuola Pilotecnica di design. Milán, Italy

TeamAraminta David • Hanna McGinnis • Marine Lastere • Parizad Motiwala • Juanita Delvasto

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