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Packaging. 2017


• Turn Bahlsen seasonals into a more modern, fresher option for young consumers.

• Design a new packaging line that creates an emotional link.

• Improve the brand awareness in the shopping experience.

Research Results:

• Talking directly to the consumer.

• Individual Portion.

• The social concept of “sharing”.

The packaging features playful quotes based on everyday situations. Bahlsen invites you to pamper yourself, to smile, and to celebrate life’s events with a little humor.

Brand value:

Now you can feel its presence more with a new modern touch and playful message. The crisp and cheerful design appeals to everyone and will tempt customers year round. We are presenting individual packs because we believe in treating ourselves to something special, especially during the holidays. We developed the 4-pack to encourage sharing because sharing is caring.

The process:

Hand drawn illustrations generate a warm feeling, giving the cookies a homemade touch.

Workshop: Master in Food Design and Innovation • Scuola Pilotecnica di design. Milán, Italy

Team: Alejandra Arboleda • Araminta David • Juanita Delvasto • Juliana González • Yuan TsaiFong

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