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Service design. 2017


Coffee is engaging in a relationship with other people gathering them all together. This is the coffee experience: multi-sensory, intellectual and social. It is not important if you are a coffee lover or you prefer other beverages, the moment is the combination of all the senses and real friendship. Non-coffee drinkers can enjoy the remarkable experience offered by Illy and be taken for an unforgettable journey.


What do we want?

Solve the problem of not having the coffee or tools to prepare it at home for non-coffee drinkers and coffee lovers who want to fully enjoy the coffee moment. The real experience is priceless.


Research results:

Nowadays people are used too saying “hey, let’s go for a coffee” without even thinking about really drinking it. It has become a social quote that is just an excuse to meet. It doesn’t really matter if you are a non-coffee drinker or a coffee lover the most important is the connection. But what if you don’t like this beverage and you invite people over that actually want to have a coffee? Very often people don’t have the tools or knowledge how to prepare the perfect espresso because they are just not used to do it. Here we come with the problem solution both for non-coffee drinkers but as well busy workers who don’t have time to prepare this magic drink.


Workshop: Master in Food Design and Innovation • Scuola Pilotecnica di design. Milán, Italy

Team: Juanita Delvasto • Carlotta Di Bella • Barbora Stredova • Hanna Stylinska 

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