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Potato powder battle

In-house challenge & product concept, 2017

Sala de Despiece invests thousands of euros per year on complimentary potato chips when guests arrive. The chips are popular for their special powdered seasoning.


Through association with a potato chip producer, and the goal to decrease spending, we decided to hold an in-house creative challenge for the cooks to develop new chip seasoning powder flavors.


Challenge's Requirements:

1. Natural flavors

2. A flavor that reminds the childhood

3. Flavor that prompts to drink


The Details:

The flavor • The concept • Simplicity • Product


The Awards:
1. The chance to see the entire production process
2. The winner’s name will appear on the packaging and social networks
3. The chance to visit a supplier for a day training

4. Dinner for two in La Mesa del Despiece
5. A T-shirt


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