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Still Alive

Photography, art direction & reflection. 2018

My work reflects on waste. Approximately 40% of all food is discarded because, as consumers, we look at different values (nutrients, expiration, brand, origin, etc.) as well as aesthetics, which influence our decision to purchase and/or consume. Through these three still life photographs, I strive to show a food chain and a new business model that helps to reduce waste and transform food naturally for reuse. The composition of the three elements alludes to the slow food process of artisanal production of bread from a sourdough starter. Food in three states: ripe fruit and/or decomposition (death), fermented water and/or natural yeast dough (growth) and bread dough (birth).


Through the light, I aim to highlight the natural state and to, therefore, destigmatize the perfection of beauty by demonstrating how the natural processes of decomposition can be used to generate, evolve, and transform life. Bread is the food that best represents these previously named concepts; since the beginning of civilization, it has managed to transcend without competing amongst religions or social classes. Bread is the oldest and most basic food that helps to satisfy hunger and reduce waste!

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